Event Recording – 8th Annual MLML In-House Open House

At the start of every fall semester, Director Jim Harvey hosts the annual Moss Landing Marine Laboratories In-House Open House to welcome new students and introduce them to the incredible research community at MLML. This event features all SJSU/MLML faculty members and research affiliates presenting 2 minute, 2 slide talks about who they are and what they do.

This year we hosted the 8th Annual MLML In-House Open House virtually due to Covid-19. We invite you to watch the recording and learn more the brilliant marine science research we are doing all over the world.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta meets with MLML and SJSU leadership

California Congressman Jimmy Panetta visited Moss Landing Marine Laboratories on October 24, 2020 to meet with representatives from San José State University and MLML. He joined SJSU College of Science Dean Michael Kaufman, SJSU Provost Vincent Del Casino, MLML Director Jim Harvey, and California Assemblymember Mark Stone for an important conversation about the future of coastal research and conservation in Central California.

Check out Congressman Panetta's Facebook post about his recent visit to MLML here.

Virtual Seminar – Photosymbiotic sponges and the erosion of coral reefs – November 5th


Michelle Achlatis, California Academy of Sciences

Hosted by the Invertebrate Ecology Lab

Presenting: "Photosymbiotic sponges and the erosion of coral reefs"

MLML Virtual Seminar | November 5th, 2020 at 4pm

Watch the Live Stream here



Michelle started her studies in her homeland Greece at the University of Crete and went on to complete a Master's degree in Oceanography at the University of Amsterdam. She then joined the Coral Reef Ecosystems group at the University of Queensland, Australia, as a PhD student. During her PhD, she studied coral-excavating sponges on the Great Barrier Reef. Her research focused on excavating sponges that host dinoflagellate symbionts, exploring how the symbiosis affects the ability of the host sponge to erode coral frameworks. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the California Academy of Sciences. Her ongoing project uses genomic tools to explore how the populations of excavating sponges spread on the reefs of Curaçao (Southern Caribbean) in collaboration with the local research foundation CARMABI.

Michelle Achlatis Presents: Photosymbiotic sponges and the erosion of coral reefs