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Welcome to the Geological Oceanography Lab!

The lab is directed by Ivano Aiello, Professor of Geological Oceanography at San Jose State University. At MLML, Ivano teaches several graduate courses on different topics and methodologies concerning Marine Geology and cross-disciplinary fields in marine sciences.

Sediment core image from cruise

The Aiello Lab

Our Work

Ivano advises several graduate students whose Master's projects include a variety of field based marine and coastal geological studies. The lab is multidisciplinary is the sense that students combine to different degrees geology with a variety of other disciplines in marine sciences.

Our Group

The Geological Oceanography Lab hosts several graduate students working on their M.S. in Marine Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Ivano Aiello. This includes postdoctoral students, visiting Ph.D. students, and undergraduates.


Borne as the work of the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) class offered at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Microcosms represents a collection of images taken and curated by students past and present. As evidenced by the breadth of coverage, SEM technology is applicable across disciplines and allows for analysis of samples at a truly micro level. Click here to view MLML's SEM Atlas 'Microcosms'