Dr. Holly Bowers featured on SJSU Research Foundation Annual Report cover

Farm-derived nutrient runoff is a global problem that threatens marine ecosystems. Here in Monterey Bay, researchers from the SJSU/MLML Central Coast Wetlands Group and Environmental Biotechnology Lab are working hard to develop innovative new solutions to this longstanding issue.

This important work was recently highlighted in the San José State University Research Foundation 2021 Annual Report. MLML scientist Dr. Holly Bowers was even featured on the report cover! The photo shows Dr. Bowers using a handheld qPCR instrument to detect DNA from target harmful algal bloom (HAB) species. Read the full story on page 16 of the report.

SJSU among top universities in the US in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings

San José State University, MLML's administrative campus, ranks among the top universities in the US in the 2021 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings!

This worldwide ranking system measures university progress around Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. SJSU’s best showing was in the Life Below Water SDG, finishing in the top 10 in the U.S. and #62 in the world. These strong scores are thanks in large part to initiatives and research in water-sensitive waste disposal led by Moss Landing Marine Laboratories faculty and staff.

Read more about SJSU's placement in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking in this article from the SJSU Newsroom.

SJSU awards Dr. Anthony Fauci with William Randolph Hearst Award

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, SJSU College of Science, is proud to join San José State University in honoring Dr. Anthony Fauci with the William Randolph Hearst Award for excellence in mass communications. SJSU and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications presented the award to Dr. Fauci on Tuesday, November 17th in a virtual ceremony attended by more than 2,500 SJSU students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Public opinion surveys nationwide have consistently reported Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the voices most Americans trust and seek out for timely information during the pandemic. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the annual William Randolph Hearst Award to be held virtually, it was fitting that Dr. Fauci was honored with the award for excellence in mass communication.

Learn more about Dr. Fauci and the William Randolph Hearst Award here.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta meets with MLML and SJSU leadership

California Congressman Jimmy Panetta visited Moss Landing Marine Laboratories on October 24, 2020 to meet with representatives from San José State University and MLML. He joined SJSU College of Science Dean Michael Kaufman, SJSU Provost Vincent Del Casino, MLML Director Jim Harvey, and California Assemblymember Mark Stone for an important conversation about the future of coastal research and conservation in Central California.

Check out Congressman Panetta's Facebook post about his recent visit to MLML here.

San José State University celebrates 150 year anniversary with SJSU Heritage Day

On October 20, 2020, San José State University, the administrative campus of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, celebrates 150 years in the city of San Josè! We take great pride in SJSU’s legacy as the oldest public university in California and the founding campus in the California State University system and look forward to the next 150 years.

To kick off the year-long celebration, SJSU has released the first in a series of videos that will explore our heritage and societal contributions but also look ahead to our future. Watch the SJSU Heritage Day video below and don't miss the segment featuring MLML!

EPA awards nearly $1 million in grant funds to SJSU/MLML researchers studying harmful algal blooms

We are excited to announce that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a nearly $1 million grant to San Jose State University and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories to address the environmental challenges posed by harmful algal blooms (HABs).

SJSU/MLML research faculty member Dr. Holly Bowers and Central Coast Wetlands Group (CCWG) researchers Ross Clark and Kevin O’Connor will use the funds to research how to prevent and control HABs using runoff treatment systems to reduce nutrient discharges from farms. This grant is part of $6,487,188 million awarded to seven institutions across the country.  "We are excited to participate in this new research to measure the connections between agricultural runoff and harmful algal blooms, and to identify sustainable agricultural practices that will lead to better ocean conditions,” says SJSU College of Science Dean Michael Kaufman.

Read more here about this new research project in the EPA press release

MLML and SJSU announce new partnership with NOAA through Cooperative Institute for Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Systems (CIMEAS)

We are thrilled to announce that Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and San Jose State University have partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a founding organization in the Cooperative Institute for Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Systems (CIMEAS). Hosted at UC San Diego, this cooperative institute will conduct collaborative, multidisciplinary research on climate, oceans, and ecosystems while training the next generation of scientists.

We are excited to partner with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Humboldt State University, California State University, Los Angeles, Farallon Institute, UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz in this exciting new venture.

Learn more about CIMEAS in the SJSU Newsroom article

MLML Alum Mark Slattery Featured in SJSU Washington Square Magazine

Mark Slattery graduated from the Invertebrate Zoology lab in 1987 and has gone on to do some amazing things. He is now a professor of pharmacognosy and environmental toxicology at the University of Mississippi and studies how the chemical makeup of  marine life could  be applied for drug discovery. The University of Mississippi even awarded him the 2018 Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement in recognition of his work. SJSU's Washington Square Magazine has featured Mark and his latest accomplishments in an article here.