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Environmental Biotechnology Lab

The Environmental Biotechnology Lab (EBL) is an affiliate research group at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.  Our expertise centers on the study of the molecular physiological ecology of marine algae (phytoplankton and macroalgae) and microbes using a diverse array of technologies ranging from state-of-the-art methodologies in molecular biology through whole organism physiology and environmental monitoring. EBL’s current marine research interests cover a range of habitats (e.g. estuarine, oceanic, temperate), scales (e.g. molecular to ecosystem) and processes (e.g. gene expression to biogeochemistry) pertaining to our overriding interests in understanding the physiological ecology of marine algae. Details on our current projects can be found in the dropdown menu.

Analytical tools maintained at EBL are available to support student research projects and training.  EBL is housed in MLML’s Norte Building on Sandholdt Rd and is managed by Holly Bowers (with cameo appearances from G. Jason Smith, retired EBL PI).  We love to talk science at EBL so come by to discuss your research interests and needs!

EBL collaborates closely with Dr. Sarah Smith, MLML’s Biological Oceanography Department!