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Learn about our history, student life, research activities, and more straight from the perspective of our faculty, staff, and students!
The Drop-in @ Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

MLML's student run blog! Read what it is like to be a student at Moss Landing Marine Labs in the "Drop In"; written by students about their research, field work and academic experiences.  These witty and informative blogs are popular throughout the global marine research community.  Drop In and read for yourself!

50 Year Anniversary Blog

Celebrating 50 years! Learn about the 50 year history of Moss Landing Marine Labs through the essays, comic musings and the fond memories of our alumni, faculty and researchers past and present!  For more about MLML's history, please visit Our History.

Future Plans Blog

Looking toward the future! As MLML continues to evolve and expand our facilities and programs we have a number of FUTURE PLANS for you to consider. Explore what the future might hold for Moss Landing Marine Labs by reading our Future Plans Blog. These include housing and longterm financial support for students, acquiring a state-of-the-art research vessel, expanding our aquaculture program, and more!

Scanning Electron Microscope Micocosms

Welcome to Microcosms! Born as the work of the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) class offered at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Microcosms represents a collection of images taken and curated by students past and present. As evidenced by the breadth of coverage, SEM technology is applicable across disciplines and allows for analysis of samples at a truly micro level.