Thesis Defense by Katie Cieri – April 19th

"Composition and Distribution of Fish Assemblages in Cap de Creus Natural Park in Relation to Marine Protection, Depth, and Habitat"
A Thesis Defense by Katie Cieri

Fisheries and Conservation Biology Lab

Zoom | Live-Stream | Arpil 19th, 2022 at 4:00 pm PDT


Katie got her B.S. in Biology from the University of Virginia. After graduating, she pursued many different opportunities. She completed a Research Apprenticeship at Friday Harbor Laboratories investigating the foraging ecology and diet of Pacific Sand Lance. She also worked as an intern with the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Network in the Humpback Whale identification program. Prior to her enrollment in MLML, Katie worked as a research technician and lab manager in the Farmer Lab at the University of Utah, where she conducted investigations into the respiratory physiology of Tarpon and American Alligators. While completing her Master’s thesis, the composition and distribution of fish assemblages in Cap de Creus Natural Park in relation to marine protection, depth, and habitat, at MLML Katie worked as a research technician in the Fisheries and Conservation Biology Lab under Dr. Rick Starr. She was involved in many projects, including the Monitoring & Evaluation of Mid-Depth Rocky Reef Ecosystems, the Benthic Observation System Survey (BOSS), and the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP). Through these projects and her own thesis, Katie explored how different survey methodologies including video landers, remotely operated vehicles, and hook-and-line surveys, can be utilized to assess nearshore fish and invertebrate communities and to monitor the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas. Katie is also passionate about outreach and inclusion and continues to explore avenues to make marine science more accessible. While at MLML, she was a member of the leadership committee for the Monterey Bay Chapter of the Society for Women in Marine Science. She also contributed to MLML Open House through leading crowdfunding, participating in the puppet show, and heading up the donations committee. Katie is interested in exploring the best solutions for marine conservation through science, user engagement, and collaborations in her new position as a California Sea Grant Fellow for the California Ocean Protection Council's Biodiversity Program. In her free time, Katie enjoys kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, and adventures with her husband and dog.

Katie Cieri (Right) and Rick Starr (Left) prepare for a research dive in the Medes Islands, Spain.

Katie (right) holds up a Copper Rockfish (Sebastes caurinus) caught by her mom, Mary Pat, (Left) on a catch-and-release CCFRP trip. Photo Credit: Fisheries and Conservation Biology Lab

Katie operates the winch during a BOSS research cruise to San Clemente Island. Photo Credit: Fisheries and Conservation Biology Lab