Future Plans


The following posts represent the vision of the Faculty, Staff, and Students of MLML regarding future plans for MLML. It represents the collective aspirations as MLML grows in size, capability, and stature. Our recently completed Strategic Plan identifies a number of areas in which we can improve, these include:

  • Development of an Academic Village that provides long-term housing for our graduate students, short-term housing for summer and weekend courses, additional teaching and research spaces, and a conference center with cafeteria.
  • A new Regional Class Research Vessel that would provide a platform for classes and researchers to pursue oceanographic studies relevant to the State of California and beyond. This includes development of the Del Mar wharf to accommodate an expanded Marine Operations.
  • Improve student success via expanded funding opportunities, streamlined curriculum, administrative efficiencies, and increased advising. This also may include offering a joint Ph.D. degree with a local UC.
  • Expanding the Aquaculture Program, including adding new courses and perhaps a degree or certificate in aquaculture, adding additional spaces and capabilities, and developing additional partnerships with agencies and the aquaculture industry.
  • Improve our philanthropic activities that would generate non-governmental support of those items listed above.

We are excited about the future opportunities. With the help of the CSU and SJSU, MLML has built a tremendous facility and program that is recognized worldwide. It seems right to now strive for greater things, and elevate MLML’s position in marine education and science. We hope you spend some time reviewing the posts below that provide some detail on these aspirations.


These projects will greatly benefit our students and community, but they require funding to get them out of the planning stage and into production. If you think our future plans will be an asset to the MLML community, please consider donating to help us achieve our goals!

  • Make a Donation that supports student scholarships, research or lab operations!
  • Consider an endowment for a scholarship or area of research.  Contact us to learn more!
  • Donate Items for our Annual Open House Raffle or Silent Auction
  • Volunteer! Contact us and tell us more about your interests. Our students and research groups often need volunteers in the lab and field.

Future Plans Blog

  • A New Research Vessel for Moss Landing Marine Laboratories – San José State University

    A New Research Vessel for Moss Landing Marine Laboratories – San José State University

    For nearly sixty years, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the San José State University Research Foundation have operated Research Vessels owned by the university and the National Science Foundation.  These ships and boats not only afforded our students the experiences of ship-board research activities during class cruises, but also offered invaluable collaborations at sea for […]Read More »
  • The Academic Village

    The Academic Village

    In 2005, MLML and the SJSU Research Foundation purchased 9.2 acres adjacent to the main MLML building (Figs. 1 & 2) with the intent of building an Academic Village. Anyone that has attended MLML realizes that one of the main impediments to student life here is housing. It is a critical need for everyone, but […]Read More »
  • Our New Aquaculture Program at MLML

    Our New Aquaculture Program at MLML

    Possibly some of you are aware of the statistics from the FAO report that are contained in the “State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture”: 31% of commercial wild fish stocks are overfished Yet global per capita fish consumption has increased to 20kg annually Minimal increase in wild caught seafood since 1980 (see graph below) But […]Read More »