Professor of Invertebrate Ecology, Dr. Amanda Kahn, Studies the Behavior of Benthic Invertebrates of the Abyssal Plain

For her latest research SJSU/MLML invertebrate ecologist, Dr. Amanda Kahn, reviews time-lapse photographs to study the behavior of deep sea benthic invertebrates. The work of Dr. Kahn and her colleagues from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) demonstrates the ability of some benthic invertebrates to move along the abyssal plain. The below video, shows a glass sponge doing something that can best be described as a 'sneeze'. The sneeze event takes about 30 seconds in the video, but in reality this occurred over a span of 3 days. More about this project can be found in this MBARI article.

Watch a glass sponge sneeze on the deep seafloor!