MLML Director Jim Harvey provides insight for floating Harbor Seal haul out site at Alameda Point, CA

The Harbor Seals at Alameda Point have a new floating haul out site to replace the old wooden dock previously used. The floating site is gradually being moved to acclimate the seals to a safe place to rest near the ferry maintenance facility. Dr. Harvey provided insight on float design and location.

Read more about how Harbor Seals Adapt to New Home Afloat:

Two harbor seals sleep on the new float provided by the Water Emergency Transportation Authority. The metal grab hooks on the float were installed so that the fabricator could lower the float into the water. Once the float is anchored at its permanent location, the hooks will be removed and the voids grouted, although the seals like using them as pillows. One side of the float has a ramp for easy access. Photo by: Richard Bangert

Friends lecture Wednesday October 5th at 7pm

Come spend the evening at Moss Landing Marine Labs to hear Author David Helvarg speak about his new book The Golden Shore - California's Love Affair with the Sea and the history, culture, and changing nature of California's coasts and ocean. Join us while Helvarg examines how the Pacific has come to define California's economy, lifestyle, and adventurous culture. The lecture starts at 7:00pm and will be in the main seminar room. Recommended donations for non-friends of MLML is $8. If you are unsure if you are a friend of MLML you can check by calling 831-771-4100 or emailing friends at Hope to see you there!

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MLML researcher Dr. Ross Clark featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, again!

MLML Research Affiliate Dr. Ross Clark is again featured in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. This time he asks why restoring wetlands makes sense.

Read the full article here:

Watsonville Wetlands Watch Wetlands like East Struve Slough in Watsonville are a transition zone, a meeting place of land and water where energy, resources and species mix within an aquatic stew found nowhere else. Efforts are underway statewide to restore wetlands that have been filled over the years. Photo by: Ross Clark, Earth Matters

MLML 50th Celebration – Part II

By Jim Harvey (2 September 2016)

We are starting to get some of the pictures from the MLML 50th Anniversary celebration, so for the next few blogs I am just going to post pictures from the weekend. All the following photos were taken by David Schmitz. Please comment as needed. I will try and identify people but I will need help.

On Friday afternoon (5 August 2016) we had a VIP Reception, a few photos from that event.

Then on Saturday morning, the MLML clan began to assemble. For most the day people reminisced, caught up, and toured the lab.

And they posed for pictures.

All of the labs were photographed although some people missed their allotted time and did not make the lab photo. I have added many lab shots here, but did not list all the people. So if someone wants to make a go of listing all the people in your lab's photo, I will amend this blog.

More to come in future blogs, including the Geological, Chemical , and Biological Oceanography labs and pictures of folks from the BBQ and dance. Please send us any pictures you want to share with us.