The Open House t shirts

By Many Artists, and comments from Jim Harvey (31 March 2016)

Anyone that has come through MLML probably has one or two MLML t shirts. Most were designed for the annual MLML Open House, and have become collector's items for some. In this blog I thought I would just place them in chronological order. I am missing many, so if you have a photo of the shirt or you have an image of the artwork, send it to me and I will place it into the blog. I also need the year of the shirt and the artist for anything you send me or for any of the designs in the blog where I don't have the year or artist.



And the t shirt for the 50th Open House is below. Designed by Laurel Lam, check out the take off on the wave design with the ML stacks in the background (see the similarities by reading The Great Wave blog by Lloyd Kitazano).


The MLML quilt group is actually making a quilt using some of the Open House t shirts (I assume they are clean ones). There will be a raffle for the quilt  at the 50th Anniversary weekend to help raise money for student scholarships. Bid often and big.