Seminar – Christopher Luna-Mega

Christopher Luna-Mega | San José State University
Presenting: "The ecoacoustics in Forestcover, sonification of climate futures data exploring reforestation as a climate change mitigation strategy"
Hosted by the Geological Oceanography Lab

MLML Seminar | March 27th, 2024 at noon

Watch the Live Stream here or here


Forestcover combines climate science with musical composition. Through earth system modeling, we test how expanding forest cover based on biophysical and sociopolitical realities will impact climate as well as ecosystems and the services they provide, at the global and regional scale. We then translate the modeling outputs into sound, thereby transforming ecological climatology data into music. This collaboration seeks to connect the sciences with the arts, specifically environmental science with music, in order to expand the possibilities of cultural engagement with environmental change and sustainability.


Christopher Luna-Mega is a composer from Mexico City. Interested in focused listening, performance strategies, audio technology, and interdisciplinary collaboration, his work analyzes sounds and data from natural and urban environments and translates them into notated music for performers and electronics in various forms of media. His music has been featured in festivals such as Other Minds "The Nature of Music" (Berkeley, CA), Diferencial (Mexico City), the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Gwanju), AngelicA (Bologna), Tectonics (Reykjavik), Tectonics (Glasgow), L’Off (Montreal), Avant X (Toronto), among others. His research on acoustic ecology and environmental sound-based composition has been presented and published in the proceedings of the Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research conference and the Jefferson Journal. He is an Assistant Professor of composition, electronic music, and theory at the School of Music at SJSU.