German Nature Show, TerraX, film episode on ‘Kelp – What super algae can do’ features MLML experts

German nature show, Terra X, selects MLML for their episode on “Kelp – What super algae can do”. Phycology student, Ann Bishop, shows off her science communication skills by teaching the TerraX audience about bull kelp, the kelp canopy, the kelp forest ecosystem and the importance of kelp habitats to ocean health. Director, Ross Clark, & manager, Kevin O' Connor, of the SJSU/MLML Central Coast Wetlands Group were also interviewed. In the segment, Clark, discusses the most recent “warm blob”, that resulted in a massive purple urchin recruitment, which then decimated the North Pacific kelp forests. O' Connor then gives viewers the scoop on CCWG's latest research to feed cattle with algae. The research aims to reduce methane emissions by up to 90%!