Spring 2017 Seminar Series Schedule

Get ready for this semester's line up! 




8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing CA  95039

Please contact our Front Desk with any questions or requests for accommodation (MLML is ADA accessible):

frontdesk@mlml.calstate.edu, 831-771-4400




Speaker Host Title

First Day of Instruction


Kenneth Coale, MLML Chemical Oceanography Seeing through the fog: The cycling of mercury from sea to land
2-Feb Paul Leary, Hopkins Marine Station Phycology

Observations, causes and potential consequences of small-scale temperature and oxygen variability in a kelp forest system


Alison Stimpert, MLML Vertebrate Ecology Combining acoustics and technology to advance conservation of marine mammals in California
16-Feb Amy Wagner, Sacramento State University Geological Oceanography

Corals as a proxy for ocean and climate variability


Diana LaScala-Gruenewald, Hopkins Benthic Ecology The roles of competition, movement strategy and plasticity in the foraging behavior of an intertidal limpet
2-Mar John Carlos Garza, NOAA SFSC Ichthyology

Genetic analysis reveals the bases of life history variation in marine fishes


Qing Wang, Naval Postgraduate School Physical Oceanography Air-Sea Interaction in the Eyes of Boundary Layer Meteorologists
16-Mar Salvador Jorgensen, MBAQ PSRC & Fisheries Conservation Biology

Tracking white sharks to an ocean desert


Holly Bowers, MLML Invertebrate Zoology & Environmental Technology Lab Molecular approaches and mobile sampling platforms unravel diversity of Pseudo-nitzschia in Monterey Bay

Spring Break – No Seminar


Judith Connor, MBARI Biological Oceanography & MLML Library Developing diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
13-Apr Kerry Nickols, CSUMB Phycology

Seeing the ocean and the forest: understanding the drivers of biogeochemical variability in kelp forests


Jerry Kooyman, Scripps Institution of Oceanography Vertebrate Ecology From Bourdon tubes and kitchen timers to microprocessors, accelerometers, videocams, and endless other widgets
27-Apr Tim Davidson, Sacramento State University Ichthyology

Bioerosion in a changing world or Control of a native and introduced foundation species by marine and terrestrial enemies


Jenny Giles, Hopkins Marine Station PSRC & Fisheries Conservation Biology Shark fin forensics and research diagnostics
11-May Sara Elshafie, UC Berkeley Invertebrate Zoology

Engaging Any Audience: Filmmaking Story Art Techniques to Effectively Communicate Science