Invertebrate Zoology Lab Member, Amanda Heidt, is this year’s KQED-CSUMB Fuhs Science Communication Fellow

MLML congratulates Invertebrate Zoology lab student Amanda Heidt! Amanda was selected as the 2018 KQED-CSUMB Fuhs Science Communication Fellow. The Fuhs Family Foundation has provided funding for a one year $10,000 scholarship and a paid summer internship in science communication at KQED Public Media in San Francisco. Amanda is splitting her time between researching and developing story lines for the Emmy-award winning short video series Deep Look as well as writing stories for KQED’s Science News team. She is excited to learn more about new ways to engage people with science across different media platforms.

About KQED Science: KQED Science brings you award-winning science and environment coverage from the Bay Area and beyond. KQED Science is the largest multimedia science and environment journalism and education unit in Northern California. They aim to explore pressing science and environment news, trends and events from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with its award-winning, multimedia reporting on television, radio and the Web. KQED Science also produces educator resources and actively engages in community outreach around science and environment issues.

You can track her progress by following her on Twitter and Instagram @Scatter_Cushion.