MLML 2017 Scholarship Reception

Every year, MLML awards many competitive scholarships thanks to $25,000 raised in part by Open House donations. Students are recognized for exceptional academic merit, outstanding community service and MLML involvement, and potential to succeed in a marine science career. Here are the 2017 recipients! Click on the photo gallery below to see pictures from the event. 

John H. Martin Scholarship
          Cody Dawson
Xiphias Martin Scholarship
          Drew Burrier
James Nybakken Scholarship
          Martin Jinchen Guo
Bill Watson Memorial Scholarship
          June Shrestha
Signe Lundstrum Memorial Scholarships
          Jen Chiu
          Jimmy Williamson
Sonia Linnik Hamilton Marine Science Scholarship
          Alex Olson
Simpkins Family Marine Science Scholarships
          Angela Zepp
          Bonnie Brown
          Amanda Heidt
          Elizabeth Ramsay
Loury Family Marine Science Outreach Scholarship
          June Shrestha
MLML Scholar Awards
           Patrick Daniel
           Stephanie Schneider
MLML Wave Awards
           First-year Students
                         Rachel Brooks
                         Brijonnay Madrigal
           Continuing Students
                         Breanna Machuca
                         Natalie Yingling
           Students with Approved Proposals
                        Steve Cunningham
                        Martin Jinchen Guo
                        Holly Chiswell
Thank you to our generous donors and Friends of MLML for making these scholarships possible, and to the Scholarship Committees for their much-appreciated service to the students and greater community.