Fall 2016 Seminar Series Schedule

Get ready for our Fall 2016 seminar series lineup! 





Thursdays @ 4pm in the Moss Landing Marine Labs Seminar Room (to the left inside the main entrance)

8272 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039

Date Speaker Host lab Title
Aug 25 MLML In-House Open House
Sep 1

Jeremy Goldbogen

Hopkins Marine Station

Vertebrate Ecology Insights into the Underwater Behavior, Species Interactions, and Biomechanics of Baleen Whales using Suction-Cup Attached Video and Inertial Sensors
Sep 8

Barbara Bekins


Geological Oceanography The relationship of wastewater injection to the increase in central and eastern U.S. seismicity
Sep 15

Patrick Gagnon

Memorial University

Phycology Environmental controls of cold-water benthic systems in the northwestern Atlantic
Sep 22

Joshua Lord


PSRC & Fisheries Conservation Biology Community-level responses to warming and ocean acidification
Sep 29

Iliana Ruiz-Cooley


Vertebrate Ecology Tracing animal movement and changes in ocean biochemistry, and food web length by quantifying stable isotopes of amino acids
Oct 6

Kerstin Wasson

Elkhorn Slough

Chemical Oceanography Rising to the challenge: salt marsh resilience at Elkhorn Slough
Oct 13

Tim Stanton


Physical Oceanography Ocean/Ice Exchange in the Changing Arctic
Oct 20

Nathaniel Jue


Invertebrate Zoology Using de novo assembled genomes to inductively explore the biology and evolution of the marine invertebrates
Oct 27

Alexandra Worden


Benthic Ecology Ecology and evolution of eukaryotic phytoplankton
Nov 3

Jody Beers

Hopkins Marine Station

Ichthyology Integrative physiology of Pacific rockfishes—bridging gaps between the lab and the field
Nov 10 Western Society of Naturalists Meeting – no seminar
Nov 17

Tyler Evans

CSU East Bay

PSRC & Fisheries Conservation Biology A role for transcriptomics in environmental physiology, global change biology, and finding the 'genes that matter' for environmental adaptation
Nov 24 Thanksgiving – no seminar
Dec 1

Charles Boch


Invertebrate Zoology Climate change and abalone life history
Dec 8

Mark Carr


Phycology Causes and consequences of geographic patterns of kelp forest community structure
Dec 15

Steve Lonhart


Ichthyology Marine Sanctuaries – title to follow