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The Spirit of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

With the generous donations from our supporters, MLML produced this rich, inside look at the history of MLML, our Masters in Marine Science graduate program, our research and our close proximity to the  beautiful Monterey Bay Canyon and surrounding wetlands.  MLML is known for a hands-on, field-oriented approach which places our students, faculty, researchers and staff at the frontiers of marine science worldwide where discoveries are being made.  MLML provides the skills and training so students become successful scientists, teachers and resource managers serving societal needs involving marine issues.  Watch now to learn more about who we are what makes MLML a first class marine research institution.

MLML 2020 In-House Open-House

San José State University-Moss Landing Marine Laboratories conducted its 8th Annual In-House Open-House on October 29th. This event featured all faculty and researchers presenting 2 minute, 2 slide talks about who they are and what they do.  Watch the recording to learn more about SJSU-MLML and all the brilliant marine science research we are doing all over the world!

Plate Tectonics

Geological Oceanography lab students, Dorota Szuta and Christine Mann, created this fun video for MS 141.  This 8-minute long video explores the fundamental concepts behind plate tectonics. Using primarily paper-cut stop motion animation, the video starts with a brief history of the theory itself. It then segues into the actual physical processes, focusing on the tectonic motion that occurs at plate boundaries. Editing was done with Window Movie Maker Live.  Music as it played in the video: Benjamin Britten; Simple Symphony, Op. 4 - II. Playful Pizzicato, AU - Boute, Princess Music - Das Ungelernte, Dovekins - More Charlie More

The Biological Pump

The Biological Pump, by Dr. Colleen Durkin

This minute and a half animation explains how carbon dioxide is taken up by the ocean from the atmosphere due to sinking organic particles.

CA Collaborative Fisheries Research Program

Fishing for Science in Half Moon Bay (2016)!

The California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP) is a collaborative, Catch-and-Release effort between scientists at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, CalPoly San Luis Obispo and local volunteer anglers.  Our research evaluates relative changes in abundance, species composition and mean lengths of fishes inside and out of Marine Protected Areas in central California. 2016 was our 10th sampling season here in central California. This trip was September 29th aboard the F/V Huli Cat in Half Moon Bay. Fishes caught are quickly ID'd measured, and sometimes tagged by our science crew before being released back to the ocean. Since 2007, CCFRP has caught and released over 80,000 fishes, and tagged over 40,000 fishes.  Special thanks to MLML’s Asst to the Director, Kathleen Donahue for editing this video and to CCFRP volunteer angler, Azure Cohen, for taking this footage!

What is a Kelp Forest?

In collaboration with MLML’s Phycology Lab and NOAA’s National Ocean Service, Asst to the Director Kathleen Donahue produced this short video about Kelp Forests for MLML’s K-12 Tour Program.