Kim Null

Kim Null

Research Affiliate - Retired 2020

Department:  Central Coastal Wetlands Group (CCWG) and Trace Metals Lab





Dr. Kim Null's research focused on the fate and transport of chemical constituents at the land-sea interface. Her research projects investigated the transport of nutrients to the coastal ocean through submarine groundwater discharge and the impact on water quality and coastal ocean ecosystems. She conducted this type of research all over the world, including Antarctica, North Carolina, Monterey Bay, San Francisco Bay, and the Yucatan Peninsula. Dr. Null often used natural radiogenic tracers such as radium and radon to model and quantify groundwater and associated inputs. Other research projects utilized physical models to predict the influence of land-use practices in agricultural areas on nutrient loading in coastal environments.  Dr. Null was an invaluable resource as a thesis committee member and mentor to students at MLML, the staff, faculty, researchers. and the Central Coast Wetland Group.

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