Emeritus Faculty – Example


Moss Landing Marine Lab's Emeritus Faculty receive emeritus status from the Provost at San Jose State University upon retirement.  The MLML Emeritus Faculty are an invaluable resource to our academic and research community because of their institutional knowledge and prestigious achievements in marine science.  They guide and mentor our students, support fundraising and continue as Principle Investigators on grant-funded research projects.  

William Broenkow
Professor of Physical Oceanography
Ph.D., 1969, University of Washington
Research Interests: Physical Oceanography
Gregor M. Cailliet
Professor of Ichthyology
Ph.D., 1972, University of California, Santa Barbara
Office: MLML Main Lab; Lab: Ichthyology
Research Interests: Ecology of Marine Fishes, Deep Sea Ecology, Marine Fisheries
Email: cailliet@mlml.calstate.edu
Contact Information: Directory
Kenneth Coale

Professor of Chemical Oceanography
Office: MLML Main Building; Lab: Chemical Oceanography
Research Interests: Trace elements, carbon and nutrient cycling in aquatic systems, natural and bomb-produced radionuclides to trace marine rate processes.
Email: kcoale@mlml.calstate.edu
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Michael S. Foster
Professor of Phycology Ph.D., 1971, University of California, Santa Barbara Office: Elkhorn Road; Lab: Phycology Research Interests: Phycology, Ecology, Rocky Intertidal, Kelp Forests, Rhodoliths. Email: mfoster@mlml.calstate.edu Contact Information: Directory
Gary H. Greene

Professor of Geological Oceanography
Ph.D., 1977, Stanford University
Office: Norte; Lab: Geological Oceanography
Research Interests: Marine Geology, Benthic Habitats, Submarine Canyons & Landslides, Tsunamis, Coastal Processes.
Email: greene@mlml.calstate.edu
Contact Information: Directory

Joan Parker
Research Interests: Marine Science Information, Metadata Creation, Institutional Repositories, Library Management.
Contact Information: parker@mlml.calstate.edu