R/V Sheila B.

R/V Sheila B. Schedule & Request Form

Description: The R/V Sheila B. is a 30’x10’ PackCat aluminum hull landing craft built by the William E. Munson Co. in 2001. She has been in service since as a multi-purpose research platform.

Features: The unique hull design allows this vessel to work in the shallow waters of Elkhorn Slough as well as open-ocean, ranging from Pt. Lobos to San Francisco Bay. The removable seating atop the cabin is ideal for visual surveys of birds and mammals and a hydraulic actuated bow door allows easy transfer of gear, personnel and divers. The cabin area provides good weather protection and includes a head enclosure.

R/V Sheila B. Reservation Request

Space and Calendar Managers Instructions:

  • When the user submits a reservation request, the “owner/manager” of each space will receive an email containing the details of the request and the user will receive a confirmation email that their request has been successfully submitted (but not yet approved).
  • If no conflict exists, the owner/manager will then create an event on the corresponding Google Calendar.
    • Format for calendar event title - 
      • “# of people - Location -  sub-location (if applicable) - Lastname(s)”
    • Copy and paste the details of the reservation request into the “Description” field in the corresponding Google Calendar.
  • IMPORTANT: ALL Calendars must be kept accurate in order to trace contacts
    • If any event is moved or cancelled, the calendars must reflect this.
  • Send reservation approval email.  There is no automatic approval email sent to the user. The email template is located here.
  • On the day of the reservation, the owner/manager will then need to fill out the contact tracing spreadsheet (provided by Jim or Jocelyn)