Here you will find a complete list of MLML IT Services. You can browse the page or use ctrl/⌘ + F to search for a specific topic.
If you can't find what you're looking, submit an iTicket for direct technical support.

Remote Services

Find information on how to teach, learn, and work remotely with MLML.

Knowledge Base

Find installation and troubleshooting guides, & support for most everything IT related at MLML.

General Support Info

Check the IT FAQs, learn our Top Ten Tech To-Dos, how to use our iTicket software, and so much more.

Classrooms & Academic Technology

Learn how to use the MLML classroom technology and what equipment is available to you at MLML.

Collaboration & Communication Tools

Configure phones, faxing, Zoom video conferencing, electronic signatures with DocuSign, and more.

Computer Hardware & Performance

Upgrade your computer hardware, manage setup and backups, migrate files to a new device, and E-waste instructions for old devices.

Email & Calendars

Configure Gmail, Google calendar, and other G Suite apps, as well as how to make MLML reservations for rooms, equipment, vehicles, etc.

G Suite

Learn about the different Google apps in G Suite.

IT Equipment Checkout

Discover what equipment is available for checkout at the MLML IT helpdesk.

Network Services

Connect to MLML networks, determine your IP/MAC address, file share, and much more.

Printing & Scanning

Learn about printing and scanning at MLML.

Security & Anti-Malware

Best practices to keep you & your devices secure. Plus information about Duo 2-Factor Authentication.


Discover what software is available at MLML, how to install it, and troubleshooting guides.

User Accounts

Find information on access and login instructions for MLML, SJSU, or CSUMB accounts.


Guides to using WordPress, templates for creating, media use guidelines, and helpful information.

A to Z:

Acceptable MLML Network Use Policy

Access MLML Cisco Voicemail System from any Phone

Access MLML Network using VPN

Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Anti-Malware Software Recommendations

AppleCare Status Check

Archive your MLML Gmail

Attach a Signature to Gmail

Auto-Reply Setup in Gmail

A/V Equipment Checkout (Dry Classroom)

A/V Studio (Think Tank)

Backup with Windows File History

Battery Recycling

Become a WordPress Admin

BookStack Guide for Viewers

Calendars & Reservations Overview

Calendars with Google

Change or Reset Gmail Password

Change the Default Application Associated with a File Type

Change your macOS Login Password

Change your Windows 10 Login Password

Cisco Phone & Voicemail Quick Tips

Classrooms & Academic Technology Overview

Classroom iMac & Projector Instructions - Mac OS X

Classroom iMac & Projector Troubleshooting Guide

Classroom iMac & Projector Video Settings

Classroom Technology Guide at MLML

Collaboration & Communication Tools Overview

Compact Thunderbird Folders

Computer Backup Guide

Computer Hardware & Performance Overview

Computer Performance

Computer Setup & Data Management

Computer Storage Management

Configure Forwarding in Gmail

Configure Office to Save in Compatibility Mode

Connect Android Phone to MLML Wifi

Connect iPhone to MLML Wifi

Connect to File Server with Specific Username (macOS)

Connect to MLML Wireless Networks

Connect using Google

Content Guidelines for Creating MLML Posts

Convert Columns to Rows, or Rows to Columns in Excel

Convert Document to Fillable PDF Form with Adobe

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Widescreen (16:9)

Create a Disk Image Backup with Macrium Reflect

Create a Scan to Email Account on Kyocera Copier

Create and Manage Projects in Google

Create Folders in Gmail

CSU Learn Troubleshooting

Delete Batches of Email Using Email Client

Desktop Notification Configuration from Gmail

Determine Computer MAC Address and IP Address

Disconnect from a Server or File Share

DNS Printer Names for MLML Network


Duo 2-Factory Authentication Account Setup

Duo 2-Factor Authentication Account Sign-In

Duo 2-Factor Authentication Account Recovery

Email & Calendars Overview

Email Client Software for MLML Gmail

Email Configuration: IMAP or POP3?

Embedding Best Practices & Policies

Enable Toolboxes/Extensions in ArcGIS

Equipment Checkout

E-Waste Procedures

Export Gmail Contacts

Fill in PDFs Electronically with Adobe

Filter Incoming mail in Gmail

Five Tips for Creating Posts on WordPress

Flickr FAQs

Forward your SJSU Gmail to your MLML Gmail account

Free Up Space in Gmail Account

Getting Started with Google Drive

Getting Started with WordPress

Gmail Overview

Gmail Spam & Virus Filters

Google Docs

Google Groups Directory

Google Hangout

G Suite

Hardware Upgrade (Memory & SSD)

Help for New Mac Users

Image Management, Search, & Usage

Image Storage & Backup

Image Use Guidelines

Import & Export Firefox Bookmarks

Import Contacts into Gmail

Import Events from your Calendar to Google Calendar

Install & License Resampling Stats 4.0 (Excel Add-in)

Install Admin or Library Kyocera Copier as Printer (macOS X)

Install Admin or Library Kyocera Copier as Printer (Windows)

Install ArcGIS

Install Device Drivers

Install MATLAB (R2011.a)

Install Network Printer

Install SPSS v.25 (PASW Statistics)

Install Web Browser Extensions


iTicket Assignment Guidelines


Junk Mail Configuration in Gmail

Junos Pulse VPN Client Setup (macOS)

Junos Pulse VPN Client Setup (Windows)

Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts

Laser Pointer USB remote control How-To Guide

License SPSS v.25 (PASW Statistics)

macOS Startup Key Commands

Manage Google Groups

Media Best Practices & Policies

Memory Upgrade Compatibility

Menu Best Practices & Policies on WordPress

Microsoft Office 365 Info & Tutorial

Microsoft Office Installation for Students

Migrate Email Between Email Clients

Migrate from Dropbox to Google Backup and Sync

Migrating Files How-To

MLML iTicket System User Guide

MLML Reservations

Mobile Presentation Units (MPUs) How-To Guide

Network (MLML Wireless & Wired Info)

OneDrive Image Management FAQs

Password Checklist

Phone Alternatives (Zoom & Hangout)

Phones & Faxing

Posts & Pages Best Practices & Policies

PowerPoint's Presenter View Overview

Presenter FAQs

Printing & Scanning Overview

Printing with a Wēpa Kiosk

Public Announcement (Intercom) using MLML Cisco Phone

R - The Open Source Alternative

Recommended Operating Systems

Register for & Purchase Software from the Spartan Store

Register or Update ArcGIS 10.x Single Use License

Remote Services @ MLML

Renew DHCP Lease (IP Address)

Request Microsoft Office 2016 for State-Owned Computers

Retrieve Email from your other Email Accounts using Gmails

Satellite Phone Instructions & Rates

Save & Use Messages as Templates in Mac OS Mail

Save a Document or Image as PDF

Save a Portable PowerPoint Presentation

Scam Call Procedure (What to Do)

Scan a Document with Kyocera Copiers

Secure Password Storage & Management

Security & Anti-Malware

Security Information Overview

Self Support Basics

Seminar Room Audio System Instructions

Seminar Room Equipment Troubleshooting Guide

Seminar Room Presenter's Guide

Service Level Agreements

Setup Distribution List in Cisco Unity Voicemail System

Setup Slack Desktop Notifications

Share Large Files with People

SJSU Services Introduction

Software Availability

Software Overview

Start an "ad-hoc conference call"

Start your Windows Computer in Safe Mode

Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone

Think Tank Projector Operations

Third Party Plugins (WordPress Widgets)

Top Ten Tech To-Dos

Uninstall Microsoft Office (How-To)

Update an ArcGIS 10.x Concurrent Use License

Use Virtual Box to Create a Windows Virtual Machine

User Accounts

VISIO TV How-To Guide

Website Support Guidelines

What is Ping & How do I use it?

Where does Email Client Store my Email?

Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Crash or Freeze (macOS)


WordPress FAQs

WordPress User Roles & Permissions

Workstation Refresh (No-Cost)

Workstation Refresh (Discounted)