Remote Services

Remote Services at MLML

MLML strives to provide the resources needed in the case that faculty, staff, and students are prevented from meeting on campus in both foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. The following sections outline strategies and resources for teaching, learning, and working remotely.

Best Practices
  • Consider both your own self-care/safety and the safety of others.
  • Discuss online etiquette and expectations with your class/department.
  • Be prepared.
    • Teaching: have a plan to modify your lectures/assignments and communicate with students online using a Learning Management System (e.g. Populi, Canvas).
    • Learning: check email (or other communication platform) regularly, download relevant software (e.g., Zoom Client), communicate what you need with your professor.
    • Working: communicate with administration or IT to let them know what you need to successfully work remotely. Submit an iTicket.
  • Be flexible and willing to adjust deadlines.
    • As a student, communicate your questions and be patient if the answers aren't clear as the situation can quickly change.
  • Have a plan for communication:
    •  You can use email, phone, discussion forum, video conferencing, etc.
    • Establish a communication platform early, stick to it, and communicate regularly.
  • Keep accessibility in mind: not everyone will have reliable computers or network connection.
Pro Tips
  • For live streaming lectures, use Zoom. For pre-recorded lectures, use Camtasia.
  • If you are experiencing audio issues with your computer on Zoom, mute your computer and call into the meeting with your phone.
  • Plug your phone into power when using it to record video on Camtasia or Zoom
  • Use different features on Zoom to facilitate a class or meeting effectively:
  • Keep Zoom meetings secure:
  • See also: SJSU's Five Tips for Teaching Remotely

The following section is a collection of resources that will be helpful when transitioning to remote teaching.

Other SJSU Resources:

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SJSU Support Resources

Tools and Info to Support Remote Teaching

The following is a collection of resources that will be helpful when transitioning to remote learning.

  • More Student Resources
  • Find Information about other services to make remote learning easier for you


The following section will detail the key things to think about when transitioning to working remotely. Identify what things you need to be successful and let MLML administration or IT know. Submit an iTicket if you need assistance.