Help Desk Technicians

Help Desk Technicians

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Alora Yarbrough

Help Desk Tech since: March 2019

Ichthyology Lab

As a Help Desk Technician, Alora works with the rest of the IT team to provide basic technical support to students, staff and faculty of the MLML community, which includes working to solve minor issues, prepare classrooms with equipment needed for courses, manage all equipment check out, helping to edit/update various MLML webpages and provide the technical support for MLML's weekly seminar series.

Along with this position, Alora is studying how environmental stressors affect the cortisol levels of female fish and their corresponding offspring's survival, under Scott Hamilton in the Ichthyology Lab. Alora served as the 2019-2020 Secretary for the MLML student body, and started her career at MLML as a student in the Fall 2018 cohort.


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