Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Brew Club

The Brew Club at Moss Landing Marine Labs appreciates the process of good beer-making. We typically use kits but encourage creative ideas such as specialty hops and flavors, and share our brews at seminar events. This club is ideal for those that enjoy creative hands-on activities, or anyone that wants to hang out and participate in the brewing process. The Brew Club usually meets once a month in the Corp Yard.


If you would like to know more about the club or find out when the next brew event is happening, please contact Bennett Bugbee ( or Lyndsey Claassen ( for more information.


The Drop-In

The Drop-In is Moss Landing Marine Laboratories' student-run blog. Founded in 2008 by a small group of MLML students looking for a platform to candidly talk about their experiences as grad students, The Drop-In now has over 600 posts written by Moss grad students past and present. Our blog posts cover everything from thesis research updates to whale facts to stories of adventures in the field! If you're interested in writing a post for The Drop-In or joining our editorial team, contact one of our current editors or visit our website for more info.


MARINE (Monterey Area Research Institutions’ Network for Education) provides professional development opportunities to prepare future ocean leaders for interdisciplinary, real world problem-solving. MARINE is a collaboration between UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science & Policy Program and seven Monterey Bay area academic campuses: CSU Monterey Bay, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University, Stanford Hopkins Marine Station, UC Santa Cruz.

We equip Monterey Bay area graduate and early career professionals with skills to be ocean leaders and communicators by:

  • Training students to contribute to environmental decision making and shaping the students’ leadership and communications skills early in their careers
  • Exposing students to professional development and networking opportunities
  • Nurturing the growth of MARINE as a networked community of students and faculty who focus on ocean-related interdisciplinary fields related to science and policy

MARINE therefore enhances graduate ocean education in the Monterey Bay region by:

  • Providing leadership training opportunities for graduate students and early career professionals, including interdisciplinary and inter-institutional short courses and workshops
  • Reducing barriers to, and enhancing opportunities for, multi-campus study and work
  • Involving students in strategic initiatives and projects

To meet program goals, MARINE offers a series of seminars, short courses, workshops and networking events as professional development opportunities for our audience. MARINE also takes steps to improve the visibility of ocean research and decision making in the region through social media, and increasing access to cross-campus courses and research opportunities.

For more information, see MARINE's website. Please contact Shelby Penn ( or Jack Barkowski ( to get involved.

MLML Student Body Officers

MLML Student Body Officers (SBO) are second-year graduate students who have been elected by their peers. They are spokespersons for the student body, communicating student concerns to faculty and staff. The SBO consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, CSUMB Representative, and SJSU Representative. They collectively work to: 

  • Maintain and govern all student body areas including the Student Office and Student Lounge
  • Assist with and fund the annual New Student Orientation
  • Serve as the liaison between the Student Body and home campuses regarding student organization status
  • Create a balanced budget for the Student Body
  • Approve the annual Student Body funded MLML scholarships and additional financial aid opportunities
  • Fund, execute, and assist the Visiting Scientist in the planning of the Seminar Series 
  • Plan, fund, and facilitate Student Body events and activities
  • Coordinate with the Open House (OH) co-chair and assist with planning, funding, and execution of OH

For more information on the SBO roles or any other student-life questions, feel free to email the current officers at .


2020 - 2021 Officers

2021 - 2022 Officers

Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS)

The Monterey Bay Society for Women in Marine Science (MB SWMS) chapter aims to create a welcoming community where people of all gender identities can work together to increase visibility of women, POC, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups in marine science. We host 2-3 events per semester that highlight women's accomplishments in science and foster opportunities for networking and mentorship. We also facilitate outreach to local schools and create resources for young scientists to pursue marine science.

MB SWMS is part of a global SWMS organization that hosts chapters around the world. To learn more about SWMS, check out their website here or join the SWMS Mentorship Program (to foster relationships between mentors and mentees outside the work setting) here!

If you're interested in learning more about MB SWMS, feel free to contact our leadership committee or follow us on social media!

To join the Monterey Bay Society for Women in Marine Science chapter and receive emails about our events and opportunities, click here.

Current Leadership Committee:

  • Melissa Palmisciano, Hopkins Marine Station
  • Holly Chiswell, Monterey Bay Analytical Services
  • Caroline Rodriguez, MLML
  • Katie Cieri, MLML
  • Alex Stella, MLML

SWMS Past Events