Blog Editors

The Drop-In Blog Editors

Kali Prescott

Kali is a third-year grad student in the Vertebrate Ecology Lab and has been working as an editor of The Drop-In Blog since August 2020.  Her research interests include diving physiology and fasting energetics in pinnipeds, and she hopes to do her thesis on the composition of blubber in different cold-adapted species.  When not in the lab at MLML, Kali works as a lab technician at CSUMB and volunteers as an Assistant Sea Lion Trainer at the SLEWTHS Project.

Keenan Guillas

Keenan is a second-year graduate student in the Invertebrate Ecology Lab with Dr. Amanda Kahn and joined the team of The Drop-In Blog as an editor in August 2021. He is interested in all things sponges. For his thesis, he investigates factors affecting rhythmic contraction behaviours in demosponges, including how these conspicuous behaviours might change in response to disturbance. He is passionate about writing and is excited to develop his scientific communication skills through The Drop-In Blog. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta.

Grace Teranishi

Grace Teranishi is a fourth year in Scott Hamilton’s Ichthyology Lab and joined the Drop-In during Spring 2022. Her research focuses on the impacts of human-influenced environmental stressors on juvenile flatfish in Elkhorn Slough. Though she earned a B.S. in Biology, Grace’s love of writing led her to pursue a minor in English. She believes a well-written sentence plays a crucial role in bringing scientific concepts to life.