Blog Editors

The Drop-In Blog Editors

Emily Montgomery

Emily is a second year grad student in the Phycology Lab under the direction of Dr. Michael Graham, and has been working as an editor of The Drop-In Blog since August 2020. Her research interests include trophic interactions in kelp forest communities, seaweed's physiological adaptations for predation deterrence, and conserving macroalgal communities.

Kali Prescott

Kali is a second year grad student in the Vertebrate Ecology Lab and has been working as an editor of The Drop-In Blog since August 2020.  Her research interests include diving physiology and fasting energetics in pinnipeds, and she hopes to do her thesis on the composition of blubber in different cold-adapted species.  When not in the lab at MLML, Kali works as a lab technician as CSUMB, and volunteers as an Assistant Sea Lion Trainer at the SLEWTHS Project.

Keenan Guillas

Keenan is a first-year graduate student in the Invertebrate Ecology Lab with Dr. Amanda Kahn and joined the team of The Drop-In Blog as an editor in August 2021. His research interests include sponge metabolism and ecophysiology, and for his thesis, he hopes to tackle the mystery behind the long-term rhythmic contractions of deep-sea sponges at Station M. When not in the lab analyzing data or out in the field looking for weird and wiggly sea creatures, Keenan works as a collaborator on sponge reef research with colleagues at the University of Alberta. Besides all things invertebrates, he is passionate about using science to inform sustainable consumerism and is particularly interested in slow consumerism and sustainability in the environmentally devastating global fashion industry.