AAUS Swim Test

Must pass on first day of class in the pool, no swim aids allowed

1)    400 yards swim in under 12 minutes

2)    25 yards underwater swim (** practice this under close supervision)

3)    10 minutes tread water

4)    25 yards swimmer transport

5)    30 sec breath-hold

Skin Skills

In pool, then ocean - with skin gear (mask, fins, snorkel, & weight belt)

1)    Weight belt removal and replacement (R&R), at surface and at depth – 10’

2)    Mask R&R

3)    Fins R&R

4)    Any 2 items R&R

5)    Skin Rescue

6)    50 yards underwater on 3 breaths

SCUBA Skills

In pool, then ocean - in full SCUBA gear

“Passing” a skill means completing the objective safely, comfortably, and without instructor intervention.

1)    Removal and Recovery (R&R) of gear at surface and at depth – weight belt/pouches,
BCD, mask, & regulator

2)    BCD orally inflate, remove and replace power inflator (surface and at depth)

3)    Buddy breath 25 yards without mask as donor and recipient**

4)    Octopus breath 25 yards without mask as donor and recipient**

5)    SCUBA rescue**

6)    Self Rescue - CESA - Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent, simulated buoyant ascent

7)    Full UW gear exchange with buddy*

8)    Full Gear Ditch and Don*

9) 400 yards surface swim in full scuba gear, breathing on snorkel < 20 minutes

* non-mandatory skill, conducted in pool only

** These skills will be simulated or modified for COVID safety/non-contact