Maintaining Certification

There are four basic components to maintaining current research diving certification status at MLML:

  1. Proof of physical fitness.  Divers are required to pass an AAUS physical examination every 5 years until age 40, every 3 years until age 60, every 2 years after age 60 and after any diving accident.
  2. Maintain current CPR, First Aid and Oxygen administration certification.  Refresher courses are offered periodically.
  3. Submission of monthly dive logs.  You must log at least 12 dives annually and make at least 1 dive within your depth certification range every 6 months.
  4. "Annual' equipment (regulator, gauges, BC) inspection and testing.

Check your status on the dive log website or contact the DSO if you have any questions regarding your dive status.  It is each diver's responsibility to check their dive log web page on a regular basis to ensure that they stay current.  Not seeing your name or a proposed buddy on the 'Buddy" list or seeing any certifications listed in RED means that you or they are not current and are not allowed to do any scientific diving.  It is also your responsibility as a DIVE LEADER to check the status of all dive buddies using the 'Buddy' list prior to diving.