Dive Plan & Webdiver Guidelines

Dive Plan & Webdiver Guidelines

A dive plan is required for all lead divers beginning a project. A dive reservation is required for each dive day under the project.

Example: Sarah Sebastes is ready to begin her thesis research! She will put an in depth dive plan including all divers that may dive with her at any point. She needs to conduct 15 of fish collection dives over 4 months. She will need to complete a dive reservation EACH TIME she dives.

Dive Plan Submission Guidelines:

  1. Log into Webdiver
  2. Click on "Dive Plans" at the bottom of the page
  3. Click "Add Dive Plan"
  4. Fill out required fields.Use this Dive Plan Example. Ensure all divers you include are active on Webdiver.
  5. Click "Save and submit to DSO for approval"
  6. Once your plan is reviewed and approved, you will receive an approval email from the DSO

New to Webdiver?

Webdiver is an online database for MLML divers to submit dive plans, log dives, check any diver's AAUS status and find active dive buddies. Divers are responsible for ensuring their dive status by logging dives and providing updated paperwork to the DSO.


  1. Got to: https://webdiver.ehs.ucsb.edu/webdiverapplication/MLML
  2. Apply to MLML Diving Safety Program
  3. Fill out application and submit
  4. To view application->Admin Login
  5. Login: https://webdiver.ehs.ucsb.edu/MLML









  1. Login: use your email from your application (i.e. dsteller@mlml.calstate.edu)
  2. password: webdiver
  3. Scuba diver admin list
  4. Action pulldown “Display applications”
  5. Click refresh
  6. Click on application
  7. Assign number – gives diver a unique diver number and they now have trainee status (click submit to save)
  8. Fill in date of certification depth – gives diver a sustaining status (click submit to save)
  9. Fill out or confirm certifications for equipment, physical, CPR, first aid, 02, DAN #, DAN expiration, other certifications.


Dive Emergency Management Plan

Make sure to have the following information with you when diving in case of an emergency.

  1. Emergency Response Flow Chart
  2. Patient Information
  3. Field Neurological Examination
  4. MLML Small Boats & Diving Emergency Phone Numbers
  5. Lost Diver/Man/Woman Overboard (MOB) Protocol

Multi-Day Diving Guidelines

If you are diving for 7-10 days at 3 dives or more a day you should:

  1. Take a day off in the middle of your multi-day diving.
  2. Dive nitrox.
  3. Stay hydrated.