AAUS Summer Dive Course

MLML/CSU Marine Science Diving

Summer Intensive AAUS Scientific Diving Course


  •  Training research divers to AAUS standards to attain status as a scientific diver. Certification allows for research diving reciprocity among AAUS institutions (Need a home institution for affiliation)
  • Training in advanced safe diving techniques
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of diving physics, physiology, equipment troubleshooting, navigation, dive planning, and emergency and rescue skills
  • Become familiar with research diving skills, survey techniques, and common marine organisms. Research techniques include REEF CHECK surveys
  • Increase competency as a coldwater diver under varied conditions
  • Become familiar with small boat diving safety and techniques
  • Become certified as a NAUI Master Diver and AAUS diver

***The summer course is intensive. Be in swimming and diving shape, come prepared.


  1. Basic SCUBA certification
  2. Verify with a certification card
  3. Rescue certification - Contact Shelby Penn (spenn@mlml.calstate.edu) if interested in taking a 2 day Rescue course prior to the Summer Dive Course.
  4. 12 logged cold-water scuba dives minimum! (with 4 recent. Must provide log book)
  5. All date, location, buddy, depth, dive profile info required. We highly recommended to have 20+ dives.
  6. Current application & dive medical completed on this Dive Medical Form with appropriate lab work
  7. Personal Dive Gear with current annual inspection verification (see list below / rentals available)
  8. Pass a swim test (MUST PASS FIRST DAY - see details below), basic skin and SCUBA skills
  9. Current CPR, 1st Aid, Emergency O2 training (provide cards or proof of current training)
  10. Current DAN membership and basic diving insurance
  11. Commitment to a rugged, challenging and rewarding diving course


Admission is based on instructor consent. Contact either instructor for info. The first step is to submit your MLML Diver Application by email to dsteller@mlml.calstate.edu. Priority is given to MLML and CSU graduate students, then undergraduate students, then outside applicants, but we encourage all to apply. Course is offered through SJSU Extension. After application is assessed, sign-up details will be provided to those who meet the requirements.

All other course paperwork can be found on the page Becoming an AAUS Diver, under Dive Training. The first 8 items must be submitted to Diana Steller (dsteller@mlml.calstate.edu) by 20 July 2020. KEEP A PERSONAL COPY OF ALL PAPERWORK.

Costs cover: AAUS certification, REEF CHECK certification, NAUI Master Diver training, cylinders and fills, dive vehicle transport, boats, engines, field compressor, sampling and emergency equipment (O2/AED), field equipment, and camping and food for field trip to Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve.

***Not Included/Costs approximated:

  • CPR, 1st Aid
  • O2 administration certification
  • NAUI Master Diver Card ($30)
  • NAUI Master Diver text ($36)
  • Medical Exam (~$100-$200+)
  • DAN Membership ($35) + Insurance ($42, $77, or $117.75)
  • Reef Check manual and flash cards ($20.00 each)
  • 2 sided slates for sale at MLML ($25.00)


  1.  Weight belt or pockets and your own personal weight
  2.  Buoyancy Compensator with appropriate clips for avoiding dangling gear
  3.  Regulator – must have an octopus and proof it has been serviced in the last year
  4.  Mask and snorkel
  5.  Wetsuit – 7mm wetsuit minimum for ocean, surf suit is okay for the pool (no dry suits)
  6.  Gloves, booties and hood
  7.  Timing device (minimum – water resistant to 50m) or dive computer and the manual
  8.  Compass
  9.  Cutting tool – Safety shears or dive knife with strap
  10.  Equipment bag – fits all of your gear
  11.  Smaller mesh goodie bag – fits mask, fins, and snorkel for boat diving
  12.  Save-a-dive kit
  13.  Dive light – minimum one, preferable to have two
  14.  Dive slate for sampling – 2 sided slates for sale at MLML ($25.00)
  15.  Camping gear for Big Creek trip – sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, flashlight/head lamp, sun hat, warm weather gear, sunscreen, water bottle, plate, knife, fork, mug, underwater harmonica