Initial Contact

As a data generator it is recommended, but not required, to contact the MPSL-MLML Data Center first to review your specific data and needs.  It is best to initiate contact at the start of the project before data collection begins for assistance in meeting MPSL-MLML Data Center requirements.  Next, the Project Registration Template would be completed and provided to the MPSL-MLML Data Center. 

Initial Contact

The MPSL-MLML Help Desk is available to assist in the process of providing your data to the MPSL-MLML Data Center and CEDEN.  We can also assist in providing a login and password for you to use on the CalDUCS data checker.

Contact Help Desk

Project Registration Template

The Project Registration Template is available to help new projects compile the information needed to initially create project specific codes including Agency, Station, Collection Device, QAPP, Sampling Protocol, Program and Project.  The Project code is used to reference all of a user's data and allows users to link various data types from within the MPSL-MLML database.  The information supplied in the template is used by the MPSL-MLML Data Center to create new codes in the database that are essential for data comparability and will allow the user to add associated data to the MPSL-MLML database.  It is helpful to provide this needed information at the start of the project for data entry.  Once the information is compiled, contact the MPSL-MLML Help Desk to have the individual codes created.  The MPSL-MLML Data Center will contact you once your information has been reviewed to discuss and/or provide you with your specific programmatic codes. 

Guidance Documentation on how to fill out the template is also available.