NHABON Implementation Report

H. Bowers was recently part of the working group formed to flesh out the strategy for implementation of a National Harmful Algal Bloom Observing Network (NHABON). This document serves as a springboard for moving forward with integrating local, state, and regional capabilities. An operational system would serve to provide early warning and forecasting toward a better understanding of HAB dynamics and their impacts on local economies. In 2020, there was bi-partisan support in Congress to move ahead with such an approach.

Implementation strategy: http://www.ioosassociation.org/sites/nfra/files/NHABON_StrategyDocWeb_Draft4.pdf
Full framework document: https://cdn.coastalscience.noaa.gov/page-attachments/news/NHABON_Framewk_WkshpReport_12-18-20_Final.pdf