Subscription Review Project

Subscription Review Project

2023 Journal and Database Subscription Review

In light of budget pressures, we are reviewing MLML/MBARI Research Library subscriptions for overlap with SJSU’s King Library. For 2023, we have cancelled several of these overlapping subscriptions and others are planned for next fiscal year (FY23-24).

These subscriptions are available to MLML affiliates directly through the SJSU King Library’s catalog with your OneSJSU ID. Search the SJSU catalog by article title or journal title to find what you need. All MBARI adjuncts, interns, employees with MBARI email addresses will also have access to these resources through SJSU’s King Library. MBARIans should follow the instructions in the email from the SJSU King Library to set up a username and password.

  • Science magazine
  • American Chemical Society journals (5 titles)
  • Harmful Algae
  • Annual Reviews (Sciences Collection-48 titles)
  • American Institute of Physics (14 titles)
  • Oxford journals package
  • Scopus database

All other library resources ( journals, articles, books, reports, etc.) should still be accessed through the MLML/MBARI Research Library catalog. Databases should continue to be accessed from our webpages. Please reach out to librarian Katie Lage with any questions. I’m available for individual or group Q&A or workshops.     

SJSU is facing budget cuts and the Library budget is being reviewed to create a more economically sustainable model.

At this time subscriptions that both the MLML/MBARI Research Library and the SJSU King Library hold are being targeted for cancellation in order to reduce overlap.

The seven journal/database packages listed above have been cancelled this semester, Spring 2023. Further cuts are planned beginning next fiscal year, in July 2023. I will share those titles as details are finalized.

Email the librarian, Katie Lage.

Yes, MLML affiliates, including all students, and MBARI affiliates who have created their King Library account have full access to the SJSU King Library resources. Search the King Library catalog and webpages to find what you need. Speaking generally, the King Library can be really useful to use for the broader science resources, especially general science journals and large ebooks collections that the MLML/MBARI Research Library does not subscribe to. You can also access resources across different disciplines that may be helpful to you. The King Library does not subscribe to (most) of the specialized marine science and oceanography resources the MLML/MBARI Research Library does. Ask librarian Katie Lage if you need help!

Please request interlibrary loans or CSU+ articles, book chapters, and books through our MLML/MBARI Research Library's OneSearch catalog. (We have access to the same wide world of library interlibrary loan and it is easier administratively if we process those requests.)