Course Reserves

Course Reserves

Reserves for MLML Courses

The MLML/MBARI Research Library maintains physical and electronic books on reserve for MLML courses. Course reserves lists are posted online and linked to the library catalog.

Physical books:

  • Fall 2022: Please use COVID protocols while using books on reserve: wash hands before and after; no eating or drinking is allowed. (Unfortunately books do not do well being wiped down or sprayed, so don't do that!)
  • Physical Course Reserves are located on the Course Reserves shelves to the right as you enter the main library doors, use the QR code located on the course reserve shelf to check them in and out!

Electronic materials: linked on the course reserves site. Remember to log in to VPN to access electronic resources if you are offsite! See our guide on Offsite Library Access if you need assistance. For some courses electronic materials may also be available in your course Canvas site.

MLML/MBARI Research Library book stacks