2019 MLML Open House!

It has been awhile since EBL has formally participated in Open House! This year, we had a fun time debuting our handheld qPCR devices to members of the community. Visitors first entered the ‘Twilight Zone’ of Dr. Colleen Durkin’s lab and walked through marine snow and representative organisms found in the deeper ocean. They were then introduced to a surface water net tow, collected fresh that morning from the Monterey Wharf, teeming with diatoms and dinoflagellates (thanks for cooperating, Mother Nature!). EBL talked about how it’s complicated to pick out specific harmful algal species of interest from that gimmish, and how we are using genetics to do that! Folks were amazed to see we can do this from an iPhone, on a battery powered instrument, in the field!

We have a new lab member!

Yes, we count cool toys as lab members sometimes! The Liberty16 is a handheld qPCR device and we can’t wait to get out in the field with it soon to detect Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) species in real-time to support various stakeholders around the Monterey Bay area! Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out this exciting technology out of Ubiquitome in New Zealand.