Dr. Sarah Smith

Assistant Professor of Biological Oceanography

B.S. Biology          Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA (2003)
M.S., Marine Science         Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, CA (2009)
Ph.D., Marine Biology         Scripps Institution of Oceanography, CA (2014)





Katie Duncan

Graduate Student

Katie graduated with a B.A. in Biology from University of California Santa Barbara in 2017. Most of her education has focused on macroscale marine ecology. However, she has had the opportunity to work in Dr. Farooq Azam’s and Dr. Colleen Hansel’s labs, which led to an increased focus on microbial ecology and microscale ecosystems. Her main research interests are the effects of anthropogenic activity on marine ecosystems and autotrophs, habitat restoration and remediation, and public education and outreach.



Rachel Clifford

Graduate Student

Rachel got her B.A. in Biology and Environmental Science from Franklin and Marshall College in 2018. She’s had the opportunity to work on a variety of different research projects over the years, ranging from protein thermostability to sea otter conservation, with some truly dedicated and inspiring principal investigators. This diverse research experience ultimately led her to her primary research interests studying the role microbes play in biogeochemical cycles. She’s excited to be exploring this research in more depth with Dr. Sarah Smith and the Biological Oceanography lab here at MLML.