Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Interested in joining MLML’s Chemical Oceanography Lab?

We are always looking for motivated students to join the Chemical Oceanography Lab. Students in the Chemical Oceanography Lab are encouraged to explore their own research interests and to develop their own research proposal; however there must be some degree of overlap with Dr. Grand’s interests and expertise. Some students also develop thesis projects associated with Dr. Grand’s funded work. 

MLML’s Marine Science Program

For more information about the graduate program, admission requirements and curriculum please visit the MLML’s graduate program website. Chemical Oceanography Lab students are expected to have a good undergraduate GPA, a solid background in general chemistry and good academic letters of recommendation. Most Chemical Oceanography Lab students have undergraduate backgrounds in environmental and/or marine science. However, students with undergraduate degrees in chemistry, analytical chemistry and/or engineering are also highly regarded. Having laboratory and field experience is beneficial and will give you a head start with your research but is not a requirement for admission. New students will receive training during their first semester at MLML under the supervision of Dr. Grand and students. 

Interested in joining us?

The Chemical Oceanography Lab is generally recruiting 1-3 students every Fall semester. 

If you are interested in joining the Chemical Oceanography Lab, first browse through the lab website to determine if our activities spark your interest. Then, feel free to email Dr. Grand with the following information:

  • A few short paragraphs describing your research interests and why you are interested in joining MLML’s Chemical Oceanography Lab
  • A brief description of your academic and/or professional experience with a CV 
  • Copies of undergraduate transcripts

Once I receive your email and documents, I will contact you to set up a meeting. Note that applications to the program will not be considered unless students have contacted and met personally with Dr. Grand (usually via phone or Zoom). 

Student Funding

Student funding is and will always remain a challenge at MLML. Since we do not host a large undergraduate program, TAship opportunities for chemical oceanography students are usually limited to the courses that I teach. Some chemical oceanography students have been successful at securing part time research assistantships with other research groups at MLML and there are some opportunities to work on site to help with MLML’s daily operations. In recent years, several chemical oceanography students have received partial funding in the form of salary and/or tuition support from my research grants. However, while I am doing all I can to secure extramural funding for students, there are no guarantees that this trend will continue in the future. Applying for self funded fellowships such as the NSF graduate research fellowships, or the California Sea Grant graduate fellowships, which provide both a stipend and tuition assistance, is thus highly recommended. Note that since Fall 2020, all students applying to the program through our administrative campus (SJSU) have received a substantial tuition remission. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information regarding funding availability or potential funding opportunities for incoming students.