Who We Are

Who We Are

The Central Coast Wetlands Group (CCWG) is an affiliate research group at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories focused on the study, preservation and restoration of Central Coast Wetlands.

Why We Started:

Our group was started in response to federal and state interests in coordinating wetland activities throughout California. The state and federal governments have adopted the "No Net Loss" policy for wetlands, but currently have few mechanisms to track the implementation or success meant to achieve this policy. The Central Coast Wetlands Group has begun to build the necessary infrastructure, working closely with regional partners (USEPA, MBNMS, CSUMB, CCRWQB and RCDMC) who have active programs spread throughout the Central Coast.

Our Objectives:
  • Provide resources to advance the science of wetland restoration and management on the Central Coast
  • Support standard monitoring and assessment techniques and the creation of a central coast wetland monitoring program
  • Provide a regional voice to state decision makers
  • Provide regional perspective in developing restoration objectives and policy
  • Build capacity for long-term wetland management
  • Support stronger wetlands conservation policies and reduce the threat from future land use changes

CCWG believes that by working together with local, state and federal partners, these objectives can be met. Each objective is intended to improve the region's ability to restore wetlands or quantify the success of protecting or improving wetland habitat. Together the objectives of CCWG will help to ensure that a dynamic mosiac of wetlands exist that are of sufficient size, condition and diversity to sustain a full range of wetland functions in Central Coast watersheds.