Mapping Tools

Mapping Tools

A list of web mapping tools to explore projects, view CRAM scores, evaluate SLR, etc.

California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM)

PMEP West Coast Estuaries Explorer

California Statewide Wetlands Inventory Initiative

SIMoN Interactive Maps

Marine Map Decision Support Tool

California EcoAtlas-Central Coast

Conservation Lands Network Explorer



Use this web mapping tool to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding or sea level rise (up to 6 feet above average high tides). Photo simulations of how future flooding might impact local landmarks are also provided, as well as data related to water depth, connectivity, flood frequency, socio-economic vulnerability, wetland loss and migration, and mapping confidence.

Gage Gap

An analysis of California's stream gage network: Poorly gaged streams far outnumber well-gaged streams. Discover the largest gaps by watershed, explore where inactive gages offer opportunities for renewed efforts, and learn who is funding gages

California Coastal Resilience Mapping Portal

The US Coastal Resilience tools provide support for decision-makers working in the continental US identify solutions for risk reduction and conservation. They build from critical resources provided by many groups and agencies including NOAA, USGS, FEMA, USFWS, TNC and the Natural Capital Project.

Conservation Action Tracker

California 303 (d) impaired waterbodies

Santa Cruz Water Quality

Central Coast Web Mapper