Tom Connolly


Steve Cunningham
Research Technician

Stephanie Flora
MOBY programmer

Graduate students

Kieran Claassen
Phytoplankton and the nothern Monterey Bay upwelling shadow
co-advised by Monique Messie (MBARI) and Holly Bowers (MLML Environmental Biotechnology Lab)

Ryan Chiu
Tidal dynamics and biogeochemical responses in Moro Cojo Slough

Marisol Figueroa
Internal waves at the head of Monterey Canyon

Jason Gonsalves
Island mass effect

Logan Grady
Kelp forest hydrodynamics

Basil Darby
Coastal submesoscale dynamics

Olivia Pawlyk
Harmful algal blooms and nutrients
co-advised by Holly Bowers (MLML Environmental Biotechnology Lab)


Former students and M.S. theses

Recent graduates

Amanda Camarato
Arctic ice-ocean interactions
co-advised by Tim Stanton (Naval Postgraduate School Ocean Turbulence Lab, MLML affiliate)

Jacquie Chisholm
Nutrients and groundwater in Moro Cojo Slough
co-advised by Kim Null (MLML Central Coast Wetlands Group)