Thesis defense – Logan Grady

Join us on Monday, March 25 at 12pm PST for Logan Grady’s thesis defense. Logan will be presenting his research on “Observations of Currents, Waves, and Turbulence within a Giant Kelp Forest in Stillwater Cove, Carmel, California.” Logan collected time series data using moored instrumentation and also conducted surveys of the size and spacing of kelp plants in order to learn about processes driving mixing in this unique environment. Read the full abstract and find the live stream links here.

Thesis Defense by Logan Grady March 25, 2024 12pm

Diver Logan Grady prepares to measure the dimensions of an acoustic Doppler velocimeter deployed at his study site in Stillwater Cove. Photo by Bennet Bugbee.
Logan Grady at the helm of MLML’s Navy Whaler in Stillwater Cove. Photo by Roxanne Garibay.