MLML Personnel
Name Title email
Mike Feinholz
Stephanie Flora
Terrence Houlihan
Sean Mundell
Darryl Peters
Sandy Yarbrough
Mark Yarbourgh
NOAA Personnel
Paul DiGiacomo(link is external)
Yong Sung Kim
NIST Personnel
Carol Johnson
Thomas Larason
University of Miami Personnel
Art Gleason
Ken Voss
Jim Mueller
Field Maintenance Support
Company Personnel
Hawaiian Rafting Adventures


MLML Personnel
Mark Yarbourgh Mark Yarbrough is the principal investigator. Mark began his work at MLML in the VERTEX project in 1980. Mark’s skills in mechanical, electrical and electronic design, construction and operation are central to our research using this equipment. As principal investigator, Mark resides in Hawaii where he oversees the MOBY project from the Sand Island facility. Mark Yarbourgh
Sandy Yarbrough Administrative Assistant
Mike Feinholz Mike Feinholz is also an MLML graduate (Feinholz, 1996) who has been with the project since 1995. In that time Mike has shown careful attention to detail in the calibration of the MOS spectrographs, having attended the first four SIRREX optical inter-calibration exercises. He resides in Hawaii, and works at the Sand Island facility where he performs the MOBY pre-launch and post-launch optical calibrations. mikeF_200p_divers 019
Terrence Houlihan Research Technician Terrence Houlihan
Stephanie Flora Stephanie Flora has been with the project since 1996. Stephanie is a skilled programmer and is responsible for radiometric and oceanographic profiling data reduction on a day-to-day basis for MOBY and for each MOCE bio-optical cruise. Stephanie Flora
Darryl Peters Programmer/Diver Wyrtki Folks 008 Darryl_bg
Sean Mundell Research Technician

Sean has worked as a safety diver for MOBY and was hired full time on 1 Oct 2016

Sean Mundell
Past MLML Personnel
Luke Beatman Student Tech
Dr. William Broenkow Principle Investigator – retired Dr Broenkow
Jason Felton Research Diver
Drew Gashler Programmer/Diver Drew Gashler
John Heine Diving saftey officer John Heine
Mike Heard Student Tech
Craig Hunter Research Tech/ Filtering guru
Rachel Kay (Peters) Research Technician Rachel Kay
Richard Reaves Programmer/ FORTH guru Richard Reaves
Brian Schlining Student Tech
Diana Steller Dive Saftey Officer
Sarah Tanner Research Tech
Bill Watson Student Tech
Peter VonLangen Research Diver VonLangen
Drew Yarbrough Student Assistant Drew Yarbrough
Tom Swenarton Tom has a B.S. from UCONN natural resources, 1992, is currently a grad student at UH (natural resources) Tom has worked in fisheries management and oceanography since 1992 and helpd out at MOBY as a diver and technician. Tom Swenarton
NOAA Personnel
Paul DiGiacomo Paul DiGiacomo<br /> photo
Mike Ondrusek Mike Ondrusek
Yong Sung Kim Yong Sung Kim
Marilyn Murphy (Yuen) Marilyn Murphy
Past NOAA Personnel
Edward King Ed King
Phil Hovey
Edwin Fisher Edwin Fisher
Yuntao Ge Yuntao Ge
Larissa Koval larisa
Chris Kincade Chris Kincade
Eric Stengel Eric Stengel
Kathy Lefevre
NIST Personnel
Carol Johnson Physicist Carol Johnson
Dennis Clark Oceanographer Dennis Clark
Steve Brown Physicist Steve Brown
Zhigang Li Physicist
Al Parr Physicist Albert Parr
Thomas Larason Electronics Engineer Tom Larason Photo 2006-09_cropped
Field Maintenance Support
Hawaiian Rafting Adventures Steve Juarez HRA_200p_MOBY_ROV 066
University of Miami Personnel
Ken Voss Physicist Ken Voss
Art Gleason Programmer ArtGleason2
Past University of Miami Personnel
Angel Li
Jim Brown
Bob Evans
Al Chapin
Hong Du
Nordine Souaidia
Luke Logan
Chuck Trees Chuck Trees
Jim Mueller
Dan Sullivan Dan Sullivan
Past NASA Personnel
Stan Hooker
Contributors over the Years
Hawaiian Rafting Adventures Steve Juarez HRA_200p_MOBY_ROV 066
Mooring systems Inc Peter Clay, Douglas Dooner, James Cappellini Mooring systems Inc
Greg Burke Aurora Optics
Bob Crabs Prototype MOS radiometer designer and MOBY Optics supplier
Kay Kilpatrick
Dave Pence U of Hawaii: Dive Saftey Officer
MBARI and Steve Etchemendy Facilities support post earthquake when building the prototype MOBY
Satlantic/Scott McLean Satlantic
Research Vessel Personnel
Captian Ross BarnesCaptain Hayes

Dave Gravits
Mike Hodge
Mario Williamson
Butch and Lawson
Leo and Bob Kerr
Kuhio Vellalos
Paul Ramos
Bill & Judy
Wes & Kenny Hinau ClarieGutzeit
Tom Swenarton
Tobin Chen
Josh Ano
John Gall
Todd Dussault
Captian Ross Barnes Dave Gravits
Point Sur, crew and Mike Prince Initial Monterey Bay deployment support
John Clutter
Jim Petron
Capt. of Wyrtki
Captain Donald Broglie M/V Lady Bug (Magothy Seafood in Arnold, MD)