MOBY photo gallery

MOBY photo gallery

MOBY deployment photos

The Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) is continuously moored 13 nm off the coast of Lania in 1200 meter of water.  During prevailing trade wind conditions, this location is sheltered in the lee of the island, yet it is far enough offshore to minimize atmospheric perturbations associated with the island’s wake.    There are two complete MOBY systems, one of which is moored and operational at any given time.  The typical duration of a single MOBY deployment is between three and four months.  During this period, the other MOBY is maintained and refurbished, and its MOS recalibrated to prepare it for deployment in relief of its alternate.  The following photos are of a typical MOBY deployment.

Mooring Deployment

The deep sea mooring is deployed once every 2 years.  The mooring is used to tether the optical MOBY buoy and carries the meteorological sensors.


Interesting Photos

Some of the most current photos of MOBY operations and goings on