Marine Bacteria on Top of a Diatom Chain

Bacteria = rod shaped cells approximately 1-2µm (smaller than blood cells).

Bacteria sit atop a diatom chain (Chaetoceros unknown sp.) absorbing dissolved organic carbon, enjoying the 28C surface water temperature, and undergo binary fission whenever they want. Unbeknownst to them, the bacteria are scooped up in the middle of the Atlantic by Jules Kuo and Jasmine Ruvalcaba (recent graduates of MLML) using a zooplankton net that captures organisms >50 µm.  The bacteria are around ~1-2 µm but they were able to be captured as they have glommed onto this chain forming diatom.  Though the individual diatoms themselves are 10 µm in diameter, they can form chains containing more than 12 individuals at a time (~120 µm).