Advanced Topics in Aquaculture



This course is an introduction to aquaculture covering all the major aspects of aquaculture including, analyses of culture systems, water quality, major culture species, pathobiology, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, social and environmental impacts, and regulations pertaining to commercial aquaculture. The course is structured in a lecture/lab manner with field trips to nearby aquaculture facilities included. Assessment will include a presentation of virtual farm/facility tour, class research project, lab notebook, final exam and participation. The course is designed for students interested in aquaculture research, hands-on applications and industry practices.


The instructor and students will collaborate on a class research project at MLML. In relation to the rise of purple sea urchin “barrens” in Northern and Central California Coast ecosystems, students will investigate the purple sea urchin as a potential species for aquaculture. Using the MLML aquaculture facility, students will conduct a feeding trial with urchins testing the effect of various treatments on the development and growth of urchin gonads. Over the course of the study students will be responsible for designing the experimental system, husbandry, data collection and analysis. This will introduce students to various laboratory and analytical techniques used by aquaculture researchers and the industry alike. Based on the results of the study, students will be required to write a paper in a journal manuscript format as if it is intended for scientific peer review.

Week 1: History and Role of Aquaculture
Week 2: Aquaculture Water Quality
Week 3: Aquaculture Systems
Week 4: Cultured Finfish
Week 5: Cultured Shellfish
Week 6: Cultured Algae
Week 7: Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture


Week 8: Aquaculture Nutrition
Week 9: Social Impacts of Aquaculture
Week 10: Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture
Week 11: Economics of Aquaculture
Week 12: Conservation/Restoration Aquaculture
Week 13: Governance/Regulations of Aquaculture