Current Research


The Subseafloor Lab focuses on the transport of fluids through the oceanic crust. Below are a list of current projects.

Seafloor Science and ROV Camp

This day camp is a hands-on, STEM summer camp for children entering 3rd to 5th grades or 6th to 9th grades that exposes them to the wonders of the deep sea and the technologies that make exploring it possible. To learn more, visit

Mariana Forearc

Highly alkaline fluids (pH up to 12.5, which is higher than bleach) provide a window into subduction of oceanic crust.

High Temperature Borehole Fluid Samplers

We designed, fabricated, and tested a sampling system for use in scientific boreholes to temperatures of 190ºC.

Dorado Outcrop and Davidson Seamount

The Dorado Outcrop is located off the coast of Costa Rica and the Davidson Seamount is within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Both locations are sites of warm (10ºC) hydrothermal discharge within which thousands of brooding octopuses lay their eggs.

Slow Cooker

What happens when you react seawater and basalt at low temperatures? The results impact global geochemical cycles in the ocean.