Sean Fitch

Sean Fitch

Graduate Student



Sean graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in marine biology in the spring of 2016. While at HPU, he worked with Dr. Kristi West and the Marine Mammal Stranding program, which didn’t influence his area of studies but was used as a way to gain more experience in Marine Biology.

Sean became a member of the phycology lab in the spring of 2018. Since joining the lab, he has begun work using an HPLC to assess photosynthetic pigmentation in kelps. H has also been working with another of the (now retired) faculty, Nick Welschmeyer, as a research technician in the field of ballast water testing. Primarily, Sean's interests lie in the variability of photosynthetic pigmentation within and amongst kelps.

Sean is currently on leave after the birth of his second child, but is still a member of the phycology lab.

Research Interests: 
  • Photosynthetic Pigmentation of Seaweeds
  • HPLC
  • Seaweed physiology
  • Xanthophyll Cycling