Dr. Jonathan Geller

Dr. Jonathan Geller

Dr. Jonathan Geller’s lab is broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of marine invertebrates, with two major foci: ecological genetics of biological invasions and molecular studies of biodiversity (magnitude, composition, spatial patterns and functional ecology). For the first area, his lab group uses genetic methods such as high throughput sequencing, to detect invasive species in coastal environments, to investigate population genetic relationships among native and introduced populations, and to study cryptic species complexes in native and introduced assemblages. In the second area, his lab group uses metagenetic methods and bioinformatic tools to explore the magnitude of metazoan species diversity in different habitats and microhabitats therein. A recent major efforts focused on coral reef cryptobiota and plankton; ongoing work includes investigation of plankton and epibenthos on the east and west coasts of North America.

Contact Information

8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039
Office: (831)771-4436
Lab: (831)771-4420
Fax: (831)771-4403


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