Greg Bongey

Greg's Research

Greg is studying the climatic history and geological development of New Guinea's largest river basin: the Sepik. New Guinea's rivers produce the same annual output of sediment as the entire continent of North America, so the Sepik River holds important secrets on how sediment weathering processes interact with the world's climate. How have weathering processes changed over the ice ages? Does weathering slow down or speed up climate change? Have changes in New Guinea itself helped produce the climate we have today? To answer these questions, Greg is analyzing clay compositions from deep-sea sediment records collected by the IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) research vessel. Using state-of-the-art research technology like MLML's X-Ray Diffractometer and Scanning Electron Microscope, Greg is working to tease apart the stories behind the mud at the bottom of the sea. He is interested in marine ecology and enjoys traveling, spearfishing, and wildlife photography.