Volunteer Anglers

CCFRP Volunteer Information

Volunteer anglers are essential to the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP)!  CCFRP volunteers aide science crew in the collection of valuable data on economically important marine species by fishing aboard party boats out of Eureka, Fort Bragg, Bodega Bay, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Port San Luis, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Dana Point, Oceanside, and La Jolla.  CCFRP partners with 6 academic institutions (Humboldt State University, Bodega Marine Laboratories, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography) to conduct fishery-independent hook-and-line, catch and release surveys.  Once caught, each fish is identified, measured, tagged and released at their respective marine protected area (MPA) or reference site.  With help of the community, we have been able to successfully complete over a decade of data collection regarding the species compositions, sizes, and catch rates of nearshore fishes in and around our local MPAs…and, with your help, we will embark upon yet another.  We’ve got the boat, the gear, and the plan…all we need is you!

Note: Volunteer anglers should have a fair amount of experience fishing in the marine environment. All participants must be at least 16 years of age and able to spend extended periods of time (8-10 hours per day) on a recreational fishing boat, in potentially rough waters. Please also note that there is no individual take permitted on these cruises, in accordance with scientific collecting permits.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer angler with CCFRP, please send your name, contact information, and preferred sampling region to mlml-ccfrp@sjsu.edu.

CCFRP Participant Handbook

A great video put together by volunteer angler Matt Michie