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CCFRP is a partnership of people and communities interested in fisheries sustainability.  By combining the expertise and ideas of fishermen and scientists, we have successfully established protocols to gather information for fisheries management.

This website is the home of the statewide expansion of CCFRP.  Please visit the About tab to learn more about the general objectives and goals of this program.  In our Publications and Data tab, you'll find the most recent results compiled from collaborative research throughout the state.  If you are interested in learning more about the individual groups participating with CCFRP and to see region-specific information, please visit our Partner Institutions tab to navigate to the respective websites.  Finally, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer angler with CCFRP, please click on the Volunteer Anglers tab to learn more about the opportunities in your local MPA.  Don't hesitate to send any questions to; we look forward to hearing from you!